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Fotos Obispos Celam

The Good Shepherd loves his people that gives his own life.

Sunday Mass

The Sunday Mass was presided by the Nicaraguan, Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, for the invitation of the Bishop Jose Luis Escobar, Archbishop of San Salvador. The Cardinal Brenes began his homily “Jesus the Good Shepherd”.

The Eucharist celebrated as a symbol of ecclesial communion at the end of the meeting of the presidents of the Episcopal Conferences of Central America, SEDAC: Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

The meeting was for the celebration of 75 years of SEDAC and the 36th Ordinary Assembly of Celam.

Monsignor Brenes in his homily invites to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the main reason for our happiness. Jesus, say Monsignor Brenes, manifests Himself as the Good Shepherd and makes us wonder today, what kind of shepherds are we?

Jesus Christ tells us, I am the door and it is always open, He tells us “come to me"; this is how he becomes known as the Good Shepherd, tells us that he knows his sheep and they recognize his voice. A Good Shepherd gives his life so that we may all have life and life in abundance.

Finally, we, like Jesus, are leaders who must recognize ours flock.   Therefore, “the sheep respond to the call of our voice”: the father of family must know his children perfectly, their neighbors; the businessperson must know their employers; the priest must know his parishioners and everyone who has the opportunity to lead a group of people must maintain synergy to make a better society.